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Re: How do you organize your Perl applications?

by perrin (Chancellor)
on Apr 04, 2003 at 22:26 UTC ( #248203=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to How do you organize your Perl applications?

Ovid's directory structure is about the same as what I use. I would add a few specific things:

  • One CVS project to rule them all.
  • There's no need for MakeMaker or Module::Build if you are not creating packages for people to install on their own machines with an uncertain directory structure. A tarball is probably fine for your internal use.
  • I don't put my own modules in the same place that Perl's library and site_perl stuff goes, because that stuff is owned by root. I put mine in a separate place and add it to @INC.
  • Don't put ANYTHING that is not an executable or static file under your web server's docroot.
  • If you use mod_perl, there's no need to put anything at all under cgi-bin. I just make PerlHandlers and map URLs to them in httpd.conf.
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Re: Re: How do you organize your Perl applications?
by waswas-fng (Curate) on Apr 05, 2003 at 00:58 UTC
    One CVS project to rule them all.

    Why? I think that would totally depend on how tightly these projects fit in the same scope? Can you say that is the best plan if these perl projects are lets say cgi point projects for different clients? There is a reason CVS supports multiple project and many good reasons to use them.

      The description certainly made it sound like this was a single website. A single website would most likely be best served as a single CVS project. It would only make sense to split it up if there are truly multiple independent projects with different destinations.

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