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I've been using perl since spring of 2000, though I was introduced to it about three years prior. Until sometime in 2002 or 2003, I dabbled, and wrote perl at an elementary school equivalent. That all changed when I decided to start writing re-usable applications that were truly reusable -- none of that cut-and-paste tom-foolery. I quickly bought the Leopard, and somehow managed to teach myself OOP in perl. I applied it immediately in building a web framework... which I then dumped in favor of CGI::Application. Fortunately, the lessons I learned in OOP were still applicable.

In the spring of 2004, while working on PHP projects at the National Gardening Association, I found myself wanting a framework like CGI::Application -- so I ported it. Cgiapp.class.php attempts to stay faithful to its perl source, while simultaneously providing the PHP community with a flexible and robust web application framework.

As of this writing, I currently am employed at Zend Technologies as a Software Architect for Zend Framework. Despite being a PHP developer, I still use perl regularly to get things done.

I write regularly on my blog.