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I have a lot of thoughts on the deeper meaning in this.

Pearls before swine - they will only trample them. Wisdom is best kept hidden from the mass populace as they will mistreat it, abuse it, twist it, and ignore it. This is not to say you should not preach the Pearls of Perl - it means choose your audience wisely and be frugal.

Another thought is that the master has no use for scholarly discourses because they are too far advanced for the pupil to understand. It turns into cargo cult programming. "How do I do X" asked the pupil, "Simply by doing Y" replied the master. The student never groks the deeper meaning of Y and this is a complete waste of the master's time. For inevitably, tomorrow he will be asked how to do F. The student does not grow from the wisdom the master has passed him.

The final thought I have is another Zen quote: "Seek not the masters, seek what the masters sought". It basically boils down to passing out wisdom without substance yields complacency. The student is happy to have learned all the master can teach and stays at the same level of programming.

Teaching is the only altruistic profession left.