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Re: Re: Philosophical Perly Queues

by Anonymous Monk
on Apr 18, 2003 at 22:54 UTC ( [id://251571]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Philosophical Perly Queues
in thread Philosophical Perly Queues

What a load of elitist, pretentious shit. You suck at teaching so you must be smarter than "the mass populace." Well, I beg to differ. If you can't teach it to "the mass populace", you obviously don't know it that well.

Kind of reminds me about this guy in university, always went around quoting the art of war, and other such useless texts in reference to his "advanced software engineering endeavours." Always went around telling people they were using the wrong tools, or taking the wrong approach. Guess what? He couldn't program worth a damn (don't think he got beyond "Hello, World"), couldn't ever explain his position on anything, and ultimately flunked out. See how far it got him?

Teaching is the only altruistic profession left

Yeah, all teachers are great, all lawyers and politicians are scum, riight. Maybe it's time you stopped watching TV and took a step out into the real world. You'll find there are so many exceptions to each rule, there aren't really any rules. Enjoy.

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