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RE: Categorized Votes

by royalanjr (Chaplain)
on Jul 31, 2000 at 19:08 UTC ( #25276=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Categorized Votes

I can understand Ivory's (and other newbie's) concerns. I mean hey, we were all newbies once.
I do have to agree with the concensus that adding the accuracy votes would complicate and confuse matters. There is also the fact that people might vote a node accurate when in truth it is not. With my limit of Perl knowledge at the moment, I must confess that such a vote would be a little dangerous in my hands (as well as many others starting up the learning curve).

I think the best thing is a small piece of advice I have heard applied to newsgroups: lurk for a few days, learn the "climate" of the group. If you apply this to PerlMonks, you will quickly learn whos posts to give more consideration to. Noone knows everything, and certain people may have their strengths and weaknesses within Perl. This too, will become apparant with a little judicial lurking and reading by a newbie.

A little patience, reading the FAQ's etc, and a lot of reading of posts will enlighten a newbie more than any accuracy vote or reputation score I think.

Roy Alan

"For courting so slowly, you have lost this fair maiden / so begone now, for you will never enjoy her" -- old Irish Folk Song

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