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Right, okay...there...

Firstly, relax: No one who in any way does not have their head up their backside will slag you off for taking a job, technical or otherwise. Coding for money is not a crime - even Richard Stallman has to make a living. Whilst the economic system we live under may not be ideal, it is a basic fact of life that you have to work for a living.

Secondly, this will not destroy your career: Everybody has to start somewhere and any experience is good. One of the things I hear most often from friends is that they can't get experience without a job and they can't get a job without any experience (I'm a recent graduate so I hear this a lot.)

Finally, I will say this: Take the job. Work hard. Show you can do what they need. This will pay for food, living and fun. It is nice to have a life and a job.

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