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call for tutorials in more languages

by maksl (Pilgrim)
on Apr 26, 2003 at 21:11 UTC ( [id://253412]=monkdiscuss: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

dear fellow monks,

on the paris pm list came across a link for a good general introduction to Perl in french: Introduction Perl
You may want take a look at google's rough translation: introduction to perl

My humble opinion is that I would love this good excerpt to be the first french tutorial.

I'm pretty shure that a lot other monks know many good tutorials in their mother-tongues. It would be great to post them in order to demonstrate warmly the intrinsic openness and world-wide spreading of our *beloved* language ;)

I'm looking forward for as many good links as you know and in the same time this is an appeal to add some decent offsite foreign turials to this already pretty strong Tutorials collection.

$moi = "trs curieux\n" if ( $any_answer );

regards maksl
update: print was the wrong code statement, $moi fits better.
update2 (concerning title): less is an allusion to the *more* powerfull gnu command .. many prefer this less powerfull pager .. ;)

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Re: call for tutorials in more languages
by LordWeber (Monk) on Apr 27, 2003 at 14:13 UTC
        Well, please review my first steps at I know the language has to be improved, but this is only a "beta-Version". I want you to decide wheter I write it good enough to go on. I just don't want to write a long tutorial which is only bad in the end. Thanks, lordweber
          Hey LordWeber it' a good "Anfang" but for now it doesn't beat the french link:

          I find it too much text and not enough code.
          your little code example has more comments than perl .. :)

          personally i dislike the wording of "Stall" .. would prefer "Oase" or "Sahara" (perhaps not for the beginners ;)
          anyway thanks for the link and happy continuation!!

      Re: call for tutorials in more languages
      by moxliukas (Curate) on Apr 29, 2003 at 10:34 UTC

        We had this idea for translating some of the Perl documentation to Lithuanian very recently. However, a thought struck me if there was a central place to put all the international translated documentation? It would be so nice to say at the shell prompt perldoc --lang=lt perlintro and get the latest Lithuanian translation of perlintro. Anyone think this is a good idea (or even if it has already been implemented?)

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