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RE: Ability VS Site Contribution

by royalanjr (Chaplain)
on Aug 02, 2000 at 00:59 UTC ( #25598=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Ability VS Site Contribution
in thread Should Perl Gurus (Wall,Schwartz,Christiansen et al) receive mega XP based on who they are?

I agree with all you said except your statement where you said that comments on polls were not as important as a code contribution. Generally, yes, you are right, comments to polls are often silly little things, amusements. But I would hardly say that the recent posts on this subject fall into that. Comments on polls can be just important as any other on this site.

Roy Alan

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RE: RE: Ability VS Site Contribution
by Nitsuj (Hermit) on Aug 02, 2000 at 03:12 UTC
    A few might be computer related, but the conversation is hardly ever heavy material by any measure of the word. The color of my visor and t-shirt sizes are hardly anything that I am going to write useful code about.

    Just Another Perl Hacker

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