XML::Smart is out!

It's a smart, easy and powerful way to access/create XML data/files.

You access/create your XML data with a HASH tree style, but any point in the tree can be a HASH, ARRAY or SCALAR at the same time, so you don't need to care about the different types in the tree, you just us the tree and XML::Smart change it, or make it works like it, for you.

Download at:


Here is an example of use:

use XML::Smart ; my $XML = XML::Smart->new('file.xml') ; ## Change the root: $XML = $XML->{hosts} ; ## Get the address [0] of server [0]: my $srv0_addr0 = $XML->{server}[0]{address}[0] ; ## Or just: my $srv0_addr0 = $XML->{server}{address} ; ## Get the server where the attibute 'type' eq 'suse': my $server = $XML->{server}('type','eq','suse') ; ## Add a new server node: my $newsrv = { os => 'Linux' , type => 'Mandrake' , version => 8.9 , address => [qw(] } ; push(@{$XML->{server}} , $newsrv) ; ## Get/rebuild the XML data: my $xmldata = $XML->data ; ## Save in some file: $XML->save('newfile.xml') ; ## Send through a socket: print $socket $XML->data(length => 1) ; ## show the 'length' in the XML header to the ## socket know the amount of data to read. __DATA__ <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?> <hosts> <server os="linux" type="redhat" version="8.0"> <address></address> <address></address> </server> <server os="linux" type="suse" version="7.0"> <address></address> <address></address> </server> <server address="" os="linux" type="conectiva" version= +"9.0"/> </hosts>

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