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RE: RE: (Ozymandias) RE: RE: Proposed XP System Changes

by nuance (Hermit)
on Aug 04, 2000 at 01:15 UTC ( #26104=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to RE: (Ozymandias) RE: RE: Proposed XP System Changes
in thread Proposed XP System Changes

I don't think that making the early levels harder to attain is going to help new people feel like they belong at all. I still remember being a new user and enjoying watching my XP grow. Spread those levels out and you're going to make it worse for new people (IMO). I would also be in favour of some kind of "downsizing" of the current levels, but only if we can think of a good way of doing that that will seem fair to the people who are downgraded. Can you suggest a suitable scheme? (that's not intended to be snide or condescending, please don't read it that way.)


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RE: RE: RE: (Ozymandias) RE: RE: Proposed XP System Changes
by chromatic (Archbishop) on Aug 09, 2000 at 07:14 UTC
    One idea I've borrowed from Everything is the additional requirement of X number of writeups to achieve a level.

    Granted, normalization of a writeup's XP is different, as the goal of 'collecting human knowledge' is to 'answering questions and learning more about Perl', but in both cases experience and levels with funny titles have the dual purposes of recognizing quality contributions to the site and promoting specific behaviors.

    The current method appears to reduce rank inflation effectively, for now, without shaking up currently attained ranks. That's a success, in my book. Someday, though, it might be worth considering a dual-nature ranking system.

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