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'Clear Flag' Proofing

by mwp (Hermit)
on Aug 04, 2000 at 01:44 UTC ( #26114=monkdiscuss: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Try this on for size. I know we have the personal nodelet, and it's great for what it does. But what about a way to flag a post as "clear-flag proof." In other words, when you hit the "I've Checked These!" button the flagged posts stay visible on "Newest Nodes." I envision a checkbox on the post pages and again on the newest nodes page.

Not knowing how the database is setup, I can imagine this will be a pain in the hat. :-) Please trout me if someone has already suggested it, but I could not find anything using the Super Search!

<tips hat in vroom's general direction>


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RE: 'Clear Flag' Proofing
by ZZamboni (Curate) on Aug 04, 2000 at 06:59 UTC
    I seem to remember this being suggested before, a "selective clearing" feature. I agree it would be great. When I'm traveling and don't have good connectivity (or a lot of time) I try to only read things that look interesting from the Newest Nodes page. But normally I don't have the time in a single sitting to read all of the interesting parts, yet it would be nice to be able to remove stuff I'm not going to read from the list, to prevent it from growing uncontrollably.

    Now, as others have pointed, I don't know how hard this would be to implement. I suspect that right now there is a date stamp for each user which marks the latest article read, and this feature would require one flag per article, so I suspect it would indeed be quite hard.

    I'll only add that if this feature were ever to be implemented, having "Clear all checkboxes" and "Set all checkboxes" buttons would be very valuable, to be able to do both "clear all except these" or "clear only these" behaviors.


RE: 'Clear Flag' Proofing
by maverick (Curate) on Aug 04, 2000 at 01:54 UTC
    I like this idea very much. Instead of going through a ton of posts and clearing them all in one bang, one could unravel the newest nodes away one thread at a time.


RE: 'Clear Flag' Proofing
by Shendal (Hermit) on Aug 04, 2000 at 01:51 UTC
    So you want to mark some nodes to always be "new"? I am guessing you want to do this for ease of access to these nodes. This is what the Personal Nodelet is for.

    Check your user settings to make sure the Personal Nodelet is enabled, and then start adding nodes to it. It's easy to use... just go to the node you want to add, and click "Add node to personal nodelet"... that's it!

      Not always, just temporarily. You see, I know about the personal nodelet (see the first or second sentence of the OP :) and it's a great tool, but while I'm reading I come across many articles that I would like to vote on but will not have votes for until the next day. Instead of adding these to my personal nodelet and removing them later, it would be nice to flag the suckers for easy access as soon as I get my votes back.

      I'm sure we could come up with some other uses as well. The personal nodelet seems cumbersome for something as dynamic as I'd like.


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