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RE: RE: Echo off in IO::Sockets

by Ozymandias (Hermit)
on Aug 06, 2000 at 03:11 UTC ( #26377=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to RE: Echo off in IO::Sockets
in thread Echo off in IO::Sockets


This is not meant as a personal attack or criticism.

But. You are assisting someone in breaching security. I am an experienced systems administrator, so are several of the people here, including jjhorner. If ANYONE, including one of my admins, tried to do something like this, they would be fired so fast they wouldn't even notice the gunshot wounds. There is NO legitimate reason for doing what this person describes. It has nothing to do with their username, as evidenced by the fact that I can't remember what it is right now. It has everything to do with their description of what they are attempting to do. If they have a legitimate reason for doing this, I challenge THEM to provide one, and if they do provide one that I feel is acceptable, THEN I will help them. Not before.

- email Ozymandias

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