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In order to determine if you are addicted to the CB, you must first determine the criteria for such an addiction. While I am sure I have not seen "ChatterBox (CB) Addiction" in the current Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), I think criteria could be determined by examining the criteria for other impulse-control and substance abuse disorders (such as pathological gambling, or several of the substance disorders). An example of some of the criteria (based on the above) might be:

While I would suggest professional help in the diagnosis and treatment planning should such a condition be suspected, I think a support group for such a thing (much as AA or GA) might be a good thing, as long as it does not become an excuse to feed the cycle with more use by scheduling the meetings thru or in the CB...

I applaud you in recognizing and seeking help for your problem, and in trying to help others who may also be affected by it.

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