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I've found what I consider to be a bug in Tk::Text 3.044 as provided with ActiveState on Windows.

The .pm file states that Greg London is the maintainer - as of 1999 - but has no other contact info.

Anyhow, the bug is that you can't amend the widget (with the insert method for example) whilst the control has a state of 'disabled'. Whilst this may seem reasonable, it does not hold true for other Tk widgets like Tk::Entry (which I would consider a basic widget).

The workaround is simple:

# enable the control for changing $text->configure(-state => 'normal'); # do any changes $text->insert('end', 'text'); # restore state $text->configure(-state => 'disabled');

So, the wisdom I seek is, has anyone else noticed this, has it been fixed in a later version, who should I contact?