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by bmccoy (Beadle)
on Aug 07, 2000 at 18:35 UTC ( [id://26560]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

I'm currently working in Gaithersburg, MD, as a software engineer for a company (Broadsoft, Inc.) that develops IP telephony software for next generation service providers. In an engineering department sporting some 40 Java programmers (more or less), I am the only one who was hired specifically as a Perl programmer. :-)

Prior to that, I did some free lance for Web Techniques magazine (specifically, did some stuff for Web Review); worked as a web architect for Fairfax County Public Schools (in Virginia); and spent some ten years prior to that working first as an information specialist, then a senior information specialist, then suddenly thrust into the role as system administrator, programmer and web/database geek, all for the same place.

For fun, I do stuff with the Society for Creative Anachronism, play Middle Eastern music, play guitar, write fantasy and Science Fiction, and spend way too much time in front of the computer as it helps me alleviate stress (I think my paying job helps alleviate stress also -- because I'm writing Perl!)

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