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Dear Monks, I used the following code to obtain share information off a remote NT server (shares are always directory or a folder).
if (Win32::Lanman::NetShareEnum($_, \ my @ShareList)) { foreach my $Share (@ShareList) { my ($Remark, $Path, $NetName); $NetName = $Share->{netname}; if("" ne $Share->{Remark}) {$Remark="($Share->{remark})";} if("" ne $Share->{path}) {$Path=$Share->{path};} else {$Path="No Permission to display";} push (my @ShareList, name=>$NetName, remark=>$Remark, path=>$Path}); foreach my $Item (@ShareList) { print "\n$Item->{name}"; print "\t$Item->{path}"; print "\t$Item->{remark}"; } } }
Now I need to also obtain the size of the share. Any perls of wisdom will be highly appreciated Blackadder