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In context, the Perl section you linked to seems OK, as that chapter is devoted to the shortest-possible synopsis of the various packaged languages. It implicitly refers to cpan with the "how to install modules" line, and refers you to perl(1) and the Camel - pretty fair advice in my book. To attempt anything else would take a whole chapter by itself.

The BASH tutorial link is part of the LDP, which also seems to be avoiding any major language tutorials (the PHP-HOWTO has now been replaced with a link to I think as there's so much information out there already for anyone who decides they want to learn Perl, adding Yet Another Perl Tutorial is probably a bit superflous. Maybe, as you say, a couple of extra links ( etc.) and adding the Llama to the book list is all that's needed.

Cheers, Ben.

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Re: Re: Enhancing Debian Refernce
by maksl (Pilgrim) on Jun 23, 2003 at 12:00 UTC
    thx for naming the sources and your pointer to the Llama &&, I' ll wait for a few other comments and will contact afterwards the mantainer ..
Re: Re: Enhancing Debian Reference
by Anonymous Monk on Jun 24, 2003 at 04:29 UTC

    I'd be careful about focusing on non-free documentation. There are many of freely available resources (including complete books) out there that would be more inline with Debian.

      Could you please name them? (will try to google for it, but never used one.)