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Re: PDL-problem: undefined symbol: gluOrtho2D

by fglock (Vicar)
on Jun 29, 2003 at 12:27 UTC ( #269985=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to PDL-problem: undefined symbol: gluOrtho2D

It looks like it is a known problem:

It seems to be related to PDL installation options, see INSTALL file. It might be looking for libraries in the wrong place.

Q: I want TriD, but include files are not found. A: You need to add -I/usr/openwin/include etc. (or whatever is appropr +iate on your platform) to the relevant entry in perldl.conf (see above), i.e. something like OPENGL_INC => '-I/usr/openwin/include', Additionally, you might have to specify name and location of the appro +priate library on your platform, e.g. OPENGL_LIBS => '-L/usr/openwin/lib -L/usr/X11R6/lib -L/usr/lib/mesa -lGL'. ' -lGLU -lXext -lX11', You may also need to pass some flags to cpp, see the README in the PDL/Graphics/TriD/OpenGL directory for details. OPENGL_DEFINE => '-DGL_GLEXT_LEGACY', Then, start the build process again as described above (from the toplevel): perl Makefile.PL etc... Q: Compilation of TriD complains about undefined functions or somesuch +. A: Please see the file Graphics/TriD/OpenGL/README. If that doesn't h +elp please report this problem to, include +the appropriate platform and GL version information.

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Re: Re: PDL-problem: undefined symbol: gluOrtho2D
by tos (Deacon) on Jun 29, 2003 at 21:03 UTC
    Hi fglock,

    your hint showed the right direction.

    After installation of MesaLib-5.0.1 to /usr/local/lib i modified perldl.conf as follows

    ... OPENGL_LIBS => '-L/usr/local/lib -lGL -lGLU -lXext -lX11', # Mesa need -DGL_GLEXT_LEGACY for glPolygonOffsetEXT amoung others OPENGL_DEFINE => '-DGL_GLEXT_LEGACY', OPENGL_INC => '-I/usr/include/GL/', ...
    Then i made PDL once more. Now the gluOrtho2D-error does no more appear and i get a window with GL-visualisation. Not quite the hoped-for, but this must have to do with the script itself. That means my main-problem is solved.

    Thank you, :)

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