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Re: My first computer was...

by Tanalis (Curate)
on Jul 04, 2003 at 09:34 UTC ( #271443=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to My first computer was...

I had a quite nice (for the time) Dragon 32 as my first computer, circa 1981. It boasted a whopping 32kb of main memory, which could be expanded to a huge 64kb, if you were willing to invest more than the original machine costed. It used cartridges and tapes .. and was surprisingly flexible - you could write simple basic apps on it, use it for word processing, and play a whole host of games, mainly featuring "Cuthbert", a little mad character who always ended up in crazy places, and clones of all those great arcade games of the mid-80s (Donkey Kong, anyone? :)

*eyes glaze over, reminising*

-- Foxcub

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Re: Re: My first computer was...
by Bukowski (Deacon) on Jul 20, 2003 at 12:16 UTC
    I wondered if anyone else here had had one! My first was a ZX-81, but I got the Dragon 32 as the waiting list for a Spectrum 48 was too long for me when my parents bought me a new computer :P

    6809E based IIRC - and I remember being able to POKE an address to double it's speed (this only worked on some machines)

    This machine has such an ardent fan base after the decline of Dragon Data (a Welsh company) and Dragon User Magazine went on for years - I still think I have a full set of them!

    Who can forget that AWFUL black on green text background it was grim.. and only black and white graphics at the highest resolution..

    My favourite cartridge was the one that gave you a proper 80x25 text screen and allowed you to have 'proper' lowercase letters!

    My girlfriend is now laughing at me for being nostalgic about computers :(

    Bukowski - aka Dan (
    "Coffee for the mind, Pizza for the body, Sushi for the soul" -Userfriendly

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