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Re: Re: My first computer was...

by EruptionExcellence (Initiate)
on Jul 17, 2003 at 04:03 UTC ( #275103=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: My first computer was...
in thread My first computer was...

This is fascinating! CromeDome, your story almost parallels mine! I live in jamaica, my people bought me a TRS-80 in 1983 and trust me, it was the best investment they ever made in me! It was typical of them though, the'd invest in anything, as long as it was an investment in phillip's future! I bought the manual and read it before they got me the machine! I soon got bored with it though, not enough power. I got... err... what was the assembler called? I forget, but I got that and a copy of the book about 6809 assembler on the color computer by... I think it was Jim Butterfield... I learned assembly but alas, soon got bored with assembler... This is so fascinating to remember! This is stuff you never think about... I've done so many things, I've been in theatre, I fiddle with music, and in IT, I've done consultancy, web development, so many things, but every time someone asks me "what do you do?" and I give a specific answer, I always say "I'm a programmer"

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