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Good day y'all,

I've been reviewing our web server backup plan and I've realized that while we do tape backups and have boot/root disks, there's a fair amount of work to be done to restore all the perl modules I've installed.

The contingency for our server getting cracked has been to unplug the network cable, take a snap shot of the box's system for forensic evidence (we also have tripwire installed), reformat the entire hard drive and reinstall RedHat. Then I'd have to reinstall all the Perl modules I need and test them and sheeesh, it gets rather manually intensive at this point.

My question is, is there a script written or could I develop a script to automate most of this? It would be great to have a perl script that would reinstall all the modules (yes I know how to MCPAN) and do other system tasks preparing the box for use again. I've got a three page list of commands I need to run in order to be back to where I was.

Does anyone have an idea of where I should start? (If you want to RTFM me, please tell me which M you're talking about)

I think it would be great to have such a program. If one doesn't exist, it might be good to create one and share it. Would save a lot of time after HD crashes and getting cracked. This might be the one utility even Batman didn't have in his utility belt!