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Re: I spend most of my time in...

by shenme (Priest)
on Jul 24, 2003 at 06:37 UTC ( #277446=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to I spend most of my time in...

I've seen some people complain about polls having too many choices. Looking at the results of this poll I think I'd like to make it much worse. Perhaps a hash of lists? No, really. "Given your most frequently used language {$L}, I spend most of my time in..." (Okay, really not...)

But I notice that the larger counts are nearly predictable, from what little I've traveled, simply from the average rate of competence in English in the countries listed. The only two a bit surprising to me were Brazil and Sweden, and then perhaps because I haven't visited them yet.

My point is that with the monastery's mother tongue as English these ratios are not surprising.

Now maybe another poll could be "If your favorite computer language is Perl, your chosen second human language would be..." There I think English might dominate again through the spirit of TMTOWTDI - our politicians seem to be able to say anything and mean everything - or was it everything else?

I'm a pessimist about probabilities; I'm an optimist about possibilities. - - Lewis Mumford

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