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Re: Re: Re: Security: Technology vs Social Engineering

by chaoticset (Chaplain)
on Jul 24, 2003 at 18:35 UTC ( #277627=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Re: Security: Technology vs Social Engineering
in thread Security: Technology vs Social Engineering

Anonymity is a double-edged sword -- no one can harass you, but no one can reward you, either. Anybody agreeing with what you just said has no way to respond except replies, and it's more convenient within our community to provide ++ and --.
you have to hit *69 to allow your caller id info to go out
Please leave a message at the tone. If you want me to contact you, you may want to leave some way for me to do so, privacy or not.

Oh, and if you show up at my door, you may have to wait a while:

  • You:   *knock knock*
  • Me:   Who's there?
  • You:   Why do you want to know? What do you need to know for?
  • Me:   You knocked to come in, right?
  • You:   Yes. It would be polite of you to let me in now.
  • Me:   Right. Who are you?
  • You:   I won't stand for these privacy violations! *leaves*
  • Me:   Gee, I feel cheated.
I'm not a person who enjoys wasting time, so I don't pick up phone calls from people who don't show up on my caller ID. I'm not an ER, firefighter, cop, etc., so I really don't get important calls, for any reason. Friends email me, family emails me, and I can choose if I want to read their email -- based on who they are.

Now, I do know someone with a perfectly legitimate reason to block their number (well, in their mind, anyway, but I's their choice). They don't have a problem with leaving a message. If they do, I will advise them to show the caller ID info when they call, and if they've got a problem with that...I can just stop returning their messages. I'll never pick up the phone when they call. :)
You are what you think.

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