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by ncw (Friar)
on Aug 14, 2000 at 21:21 UTC ( [id://27782]=obfuscated: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

I wrote this game a long time ago (more than a decade ;-) obviously not in perl the first time. I was going to submit it to the obfusticated perl contest but I see now that it will never get inside the size limits. Well you don't know unless you try do you!

It plays 3D noughts-and-crosses (or tic-tac-toe if you prefer) on a 4x4x4 grid - get 4 in a row to win. The user interface is primitive but it plays a pretty mean game for a heuristic player in < 2k of code.

@F=(1,0,8);@G=(15)x64;@G[0,1,2,3,4,8,16,24,32]=(0..8);@K=(768 ,16,4096,1<<24,0,256,64,1<<28,0,64,1<<16,1<<20,4096,1<<16,4<< 20,0);$P=0;for$a(0..15) {for$b(0..3){$C[$a][$b]=$a*4+$b;$C[$a +16][$b]=$a+4*$b+3*($a&12);$C[$a+32][$b]=$a+16*$b;}}for$a(0.. 3){for$b(0..3){$C[$a+48][$b]=16*$a+5*$b; $C[$a+52][$b]=16*$a+ 3*$b+3;$C[$a+56][$b]=$a+20*$b;$C[$a+60][$b]=$a+12*$b+12;$C[$a +64][$b]=4*$a+17*$b; $C[$a+68][$b]=4*$a+15*$b+3;}}for$a(0..3) {$C[72][$a]=21*$a; $C[73][$a]=19*$a+3;$C[74][$a]=13*$a+12;$C[ 75][$a]=11*$a+15;}for$a(0..63){$D[$a][0]=0;} for$a(0..75){for $b(0..3){$c=$C[$a][$b]; $d=$D[$c][0]+1;$D[$c][0]=$d;$D[$c][$d ]=$a;}}@A=(0)x64; @E=(0)x76;$O=64;$V=.5<rand;while(1){G();$V? L():K();$V=1-$V;}exit;sub A{$_[0]<=$_[1]?$_[0]:$_[1]}sub B{$_ [0]>=$_[1]?$_[0]:$_[1]} sub D{($P)=@_;@H=(0)x16;for($i=$D[$P] [0];$i>=1;$i--) {$a=$D[$P][$i];$b=$G[$E[$a]];$H[$b]++;}$K[12] *B($H[5]-1,0)+$K[13]*A($H[6],$H[5]); }sub F{($P,$X)=@_;@H=(0) x16;$s=0;$t=$F[$X+1]; for($i=$D[$P][0];$i>=1;$i--){$a=$D[$P][ $i];$U=$E[$a];$b=$G[$U]; $s=$s+$K[$b];$H[$b]++;next if$U!=$t; for(0..3){$b=$C[$a][$_];$s+=$L[$b]if$P!=$b; }}$s+=$K[14]*B($H [6]-1,0) +$K[11]*B($H[2]-1,0)+$K[9] *B($H[1]-1,0)+$K[10]*A($H [1],$H[2])-$L[$P];} sub G{$z='+'.'-'x13; $z.=$z;$z.="+\n";@q= qw(O . X);$c=$z;for$a(0..3){ for$b(4*$a..4*$a+3){@a=(4*$b..4* $b+3); $c.=join"", "| ", (map{"$q[$A[$_]+1] "}@a),"| ",(map{ sprintf"%2u ",$_}@a),"|\n";}$c.=$z; }print$c;print("$_[0]\n") ,exit if$_[0];}sub J{($P,$X)=@_; G("A draw")unless--$O;$A[$P] =$X;$t=$F[$X+1];$R=0; for($i=$D[$P][0];$i>=1;$i--){$a=$D[$P][ $i]; $U=$E[$a]+$t; $E[$a]=$U;$R=$X,$S=$a if$U==4*$t;}G(($R>0? "I":"You")." win at @{$C[$S]}")if$R; }sub K{$L[$_]=$A[$_]?0:D ($_)for(0..63);$Z=-1;$Y=-1E10; for$d(0..63){if(!$A[$d]){$u=F( $d,1);$Y=$u,$Z=$d if$u>$Y||($u==$Y&&.1>rand); }}J($Z,1);print "I went at $Z\n"; }sub L{do{print "Go (0..63) "; $P=<STDIN>;} until($P>=0&&$P<=63&&!$A[$P]);J($P,-1);}#####################

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RE: oxo3d2k
by turnstep (Parson) on Aug 14, 2000 at 22:19 UTC

    > I was going to submit it to the obfusticated perl contest
    > but I see now that it will never get inside the size limits

    Yes, the size limitation on the contest raises the difficulty by another order of magnitude. Many a times I've written a nice obfuscation that (alas!) could not be entered because of the size. And sometimes the only way to shrink it is to de-obfuscate it a bit.

Damn it's hard
by Rydor (Scribe) on Aug 15, 2000 at 19:40 UTC
    very clever program. lots of fun
      I'm glad you like it!

      It is possible to beat it if you try really hard... The trouble is, is that the computer is much better at 3D visualisation than me!

      After you've played the game you'll understand that it will fork you in the end ;-)

      (Sorry poor excuse for a pun but I couldn't resist.)

RE: oxo3d2k
by mortenal (Novice) on Aug 15, 2000 at 06:16 UTC
    *drool*... very well done...

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