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That constants are scoped to a Perl package vs. a source file seems to be a straw man for a few reasons:
  1. Good development techniques usually indicate that one package should exist in one file.
  2. For those cases where 2+ packages should co-exist in one file, I have often found that I want the same constants for all the packages within a file. But, I have to do things like Parent::SOME_CONSTANT instead of just SOME_CONSTANT, for that specific reason.
Your two examples also seem to have contrivance problems.
  1. If I want to associate tuber-ness with Potatoes vs. Peaches, I would make it accessible via some method. So, instead of Potato::tuber, I would have Potato->is_tuber, or some such.
  2. Constant references to hashes/arrays don't seem to have a huge benefit. Why not just use %visited_urls instead? You gain scoping and the ability to treat it like any other variable. Instead, by making it a constant, I still don't have constant-ness and I'm requiring my maintainers to keep track of the fact that this name is supposedly a constant, though its contents are variable.
I'm not attempting to shoot down all of your statements. I'm attempting to question what's behind them, so that you could potentially explain your thought processes. This is a completely new feature of Perl to me, and one that seems to have huge benefits. But, I am a little concerned with the fact that I've been programming in Perl for over 8 years and I've never heard of it. That raises a red flag to me and I wanted to know more about it.

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