I don't know how many of you subscribe to the perl journal (you all should, it's a good magazine) but in the latest issue, there is an article on Perlix, a unix OS using only perl, such as GNU/Linux uses C. The state this OS was in had it currently sitting on top of a Linux kernel, and the writer asked for anyone willing to take the challenge to write a kernel in Perl.

I would like to start some sort of project to write this kernel in Perl. I know quite a bit of perl, but hardly enough to truly lead this project, let alone even try to write the kernel on my own. I have always wanted to learn low level programming (like device drivers) and this sounds like a fun thing in which i could partake. What i would need is for a monk that is very knowledgable to lead this (someone who knows how to actually write a kernel. I don't) I would help as much as I could, i think I could get the hang of it quite quickly. The kernel should be POSIX compliant of course, and will use perlfs. Any interested parties, email me with information on experience, knowledge, etc. Newbies are of course welcome (I being one myself) and I will try to organize some way that we can discuss working on this. I hope this idea can get organized enough to work. It would be alot of fun if it did.