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Re: Little pattern problem...

by johndageek (Hermit)
on Aug 22, 2003 at 21:03 UTC ( #285916=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Little pattern problem...

does this do what you want?
#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; my $start_target_name = ""; for (<DATA>) { ## line to process? if (/^>probe:/) { ## first record processing ($start_target_name) = /.*:(\d\d\d+_at:).*/ if ($start_target +_name eq ""); ## Got new target? or got not last target? if (!/.*:$start_target_name.*/) { print " do neat stuff for prior target $start_target_name\ +n"; ## set up for next target ($start_target_name) = /.*:(\d\d\d+_at:).*/; } } } ## process last set print " do neat stuff for prior target $start_target_name\n"; __DATA__ >probe:MOE430A:1415670_at:549:177; Interrogation_Position=2436; Antise + nse; GGCTGATCACATCCAAAAAGTCATG >probe:MOE430A:1415670_at:549:177; Interrogation_Position=2513; Antise + nse; GAGGAAACGTTCACCCTGTCTACTA >probe:MOE430A:1415670_at:467:433; Interrogation_Position=2521; Antise + nse; GTTCACCCTGTCTACTATCAAGACA >probe:MOE430A:1415670_at:254:643; Interrogation_Position=2533; Antise + nse; TACTATCAAGACACTCGAAGAGGCT >probe:MOE430A:1415670_at:54:269; Interrogation_Position=2556; Antisen + se; CTGTGGGCAATATTGTGAAGTTCCT >probe:MOE430A:1415670_at:405:339; Interrogation_Position=2583; Antise + nse; GAATGCATCCTTGTGAGAGGTCAGA >probe:MOE430A:1415670_at:60:395; Interrogation_Position=2597; Antisen + se; GAGAGGTCAGACAAAGTGCCAGAAA >probe:MOE430A:1415670_at:284:165; Interrogation_Position=2619; Antise + nse; AAAACAAGAACACCCACACGCTGCT >probe:MOE430A:1415670_at:622:145; Interrogation_Position=2634; Antise + nse; ACACGCTGCTGCTAGCTGGAGTATT >probe:MOE430A:1415670_at:291:661; Interrogation_Position=2804; Antise + nse; TATCTTGTCCAACACTACGTCGAAG >probe:MOE430A:1415670_at:146:701; Interrogation_Position=2956; Antise + nse; TTGTCACCATGCCTGCAAGGAGAGA >probe:MOE430A:1415671_at:116:525; Interrogation_Position=1156; Antise + nse; GGAACAGGAATGTCGCAACATCGTA >probe:MOE430A:1415671_at:655:137; Interrogation_Position=1173; Antise + nse; ACATCGTATGGATTGCTGAGTGCAT >probe:MOE430A:1415671_at:398:139; Interrogation_Position=1232; Antise + nse;

Good luck!

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