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Update: I'm a klutz.. don't forget to see asarih's reply below.

FWIW, you need to add s/&/&/g; to your substitutions for a minimal escaping solution.

Also, you must terminate your entities with a semicolon - it's < and not &lt. (Well, the latter is acceptable in some cases under SGML, but don't go there unless you like headaches.)

A few style suggestions on your code - try something like this:

s/</&lt;/ for @HTML; s/>/&gt;/ for @HTML; s/&/&amp;/ for @HTML; print '<textarea>', join("", @HTML), '</textarea>';
Much easier on the eyes, no? Anyway, as I've already said:
use CGI qw(:standard); print textarea('', escapeHTML(join '', @HTML));

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