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I just moved a bunch of Perl scripts over to a server that I control. First, all of my scripts now require the -w switch in order to run. Ok,ok, I know I SHOULD be running with it always, but I don't like all that clutter in my logs, so I'd like to know how I can turn off the -w switch and have the script still run. When I try without it, I get the dreaded 500 error, and the error log says "Premature end of script headers". Weird.

Second thing, some of my scripts will timeout before printing all the HTML. On this one particular script, I have a bunch of heredoc printing going on, like print <<EOF; and then another EOF later on. It generates most of the page, but the browser hangs before it prints everything. If I delete some of the HTML between the EOF's and reload the page, it will actually print everything except the stuff I removed. it's almost like the script is too big for it to handle.

URLs and log files can be provided on request.