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Re^4: Why I hate voting -or- a grown man's plea to change vote submission (header links)

by tye (Sage)
on Aug 29, 2003 at 16:10 UTC ( #287738=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Re: Re: Why I hate voting -or- a grown man's plea to change vote submission
in thread Bookmarking after a submit bookmarks The Gates; change target= ?

For bonus points, add in a style="text-decoration: none" (IIRC) to remove the underlining.

If you like that style, you know where to put your CSS. I *hate* web sites that insist on hiding the places I can click by removing one of the few nearly universal visual cues left on the web.

PodMaster's extra links were removed because there wasn't space for them. I recently reworked the header layout so that there is much more space there now.

I'd like to add more items to the node heading. I think the section should be listed there (including for replies, similar to how Super Search does it, but perhaps not as terse) as well as the node number. The node number could then be made a link. Just a day or so ago I saw an idea to have it displayed as "[id://234567]" (ah, bart suggested that in this very thread) so it would be easy to cut'n'paste for making links, such as for chatter.

I'd also like to get the "last edit on" and "last update on" fields that we added so that they work properly and then show the "last edit on" in the heading. BTW, "last edit" means the last time the author (presumably) editted the node content while "last update" means the last time the node changed such that your browser should refetch it (I doubt it will be practical to fine-tune what types of changes affect this as much as some would like, but I think we can make browser caching more sane than it is now).

It is unfortunate that browsers don't warn you when you try to bookmark the results of a POST. Part of me wants to try to fix forms so the node_id is in the target and not just a hidden field. I think that will be enough work that it won't happen RSN.

For now, perhaps just having the node ID as a link in the header would work pretty well if "you" got in the habit of bookmarking that link instead of the current page.

                - tye
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Re: Re^4: Why I hate voting -or- a grown man's plea to change vote submission (header links)
by theorbtwo (Prior) on Aug 30, 2003 at 07:11 UTC

    As to your second-to-last paragraph, it's actualy not that difficult. Make the obvious modification to openform, and make a small (uncomment one line) modification to (Search for "have their cake and eat it too", around line 333.)

    (I mentioned that in another node, but it was in an update...)

    Warning: Unless otherwise stated, code is untested. Do not use without understanding. Code is posted in the hopes it is useful, but without warranty. All copyrights are relinquished into the public domain unless otherwise stated. I am not an angel. I am capable of error, and err on a fairly regular basis. If I made a mistake, please let me know (such as by replying to this node).

      That doesn't consider whether this is a good idea for GET forms, the forms that don't use openform, nor the loss of the visual cue that a page is the result of a POST (which I would certainly miss).

                      - tye

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