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Number of replies on Newest Node Page

by steveAZ98 (Monk)
on Aug 21, 2000 at 20:21 UTC ( #28833=monkdiscuss: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

I was wondering if it would be possible to display the number of replies to posts on the newest nodes page. This way after I come back from a weekend away I could first look at nodes with no replies if my time was limited. And then move onto the other nodes as time allowed. This would allow me to filter out already well answered (or at least already replied to) questions from ones that haven't been replied to. Is this something that other monks would find useful? Is it something that is hard to implement? Any comments or input welcome.


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RE: Number of replies on Newest Node Page
by mdillon (Priest) on Aug 21, 2000 at 20:32 UTC
RE: Number of replies on Newest Node Page
by Cirollo (Friar) on Aug 21, 2000 at 20:27 UTC
    That would be a nice feature...vroom? :)

    Also, how about putting a link to the root node on the Notes/Replies section? This would be in addition to the current link, not in lieu of. I usually end up at the root node anyways so that I can see the context of the conversation, instead of just the reply.

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