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RE: Nostalgic

by mdillon (Priest)
on Aug 22, 2000 at 19:50 UTC ( [id://29031]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Nostalgic

how about these:
  • When mt2k was called maleteen2000
  • When the Chatterbox used to blank out every hour
  • When you could keep up with the Newest Nodes
  • When 20 other users was substantial company
  • When the site was constantly crashing and hanging on the old server
  • When mt2k was around, causing a stir (update: i won't say i'm surprised, but he's back)

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(bbq) RE: RE: Nostalgic
by BBQ (Curate) on Aug 22, 2000 at 20:01 UTC
    Humm, I admit I do miss mt2k sometimes. Here are a few of his lines that I miss:
    • <mt2k> It is a cheap, lynx/telnet machine
    • <mt2k> is ls -l not usable under Unix Type: L8?
    • mt2k has just finished making a block commenting program for debugging
    • <mt2k> K, merlyn uses functions that don't even exist
    • mt2k wanders through a world of undefined subroutines; all alone
    • <mt2k> Are \r's allowed in a perl script (On a *very* strict server)

    # Trust no1!

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