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Hi all, I'm new to Perl and programming in general. I know how to make a database, use modules, regex, all the basics. But now I want to go a bit beyond:) I have downloaded the xaudio SDK, which says that I can use Perl to make an MP3 encoder/player. But as I was looking through the docs I realized I was in way over my head. This doesn't look like friendly Perl hehe. Can anyone point me to a book (I have the cookbook and learning and programming, all great) or web site that tells me how to dig in to some harder stuff, but doesn't blow me out of the water right off the bat? Or even if you want to tell me that Perl is not right for this type of thing. Anything that will get me over this hurdle. I love writting my little system maintainence programs but would love to do something "big". Thanks all for any input:) Miker