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RE: HTML tags to be filtered out

by nuance (Hermit)
on Aug 23, 2000 at 19:36 UTC ( #29215=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to HTML tags to be filtered out

If you're about to write a filter anyway, and I assume that you are going to tell people that their input has been "censored". Why not add a function that looks for PRE and TT tags, this is probably someone who doesn't know about the code tag. We could then point out that using code tags has many other benefits, allows people to wrap the enty, download the code directly etc.

This way we could help educate new people who obviously dont realise that the <code> functionality is there.


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RE: RE: HTML tags to be filtered out
by Adam (Vicar) on Aug 23, 2000 at 20:28 UTC
    I agree with you concerning <pre>, but not <tt>. I use <tt> tags around keywords and simple constructs that are inlined with the text of my post. I wouldn't want them treated as code, nor would I want the computer second guessing my intentions.
      Actually I was talking about the pre tt combination when used together. If someone knows how to use these tags, then when they're trying to represent a "code block" they'll "probably" use both tags together.

      I agree that we should not give people gratuitous warnings about using tt or even pre, but a gentle suggestion when they're using both together would be IMHO useful.

      In fact if you look at the post you were replying to, you will see that it uses tt tags. Sorry if my intent wasn't clear.


      I wouldn't mind a gentle warning about <tt></tt> every time I use those tags in a post, if it helped make Code Catacombs more useful.

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