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A Chatterbox Archive

by Macphisto (Hermit)
on Aug 24, 2000 at 17:49 UTC ( #29415=monkdiscuss: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

I've heard some wishes for a Chatterbox Archive so, I slightly modified ZZamboni's ( There are plenty of people who probably could do it better, but I didn't see anyone doing it and tried my hand at it )to also write to a file. I'm going to wrap the text in some HTML so it's more presentable and get it to split up the logs by day ( these files will probably be large ), where you could access Archive08242000.html and view the 24th's Chatterbox archive. Anyway, my problem is that I am behind a firewall so I can't run it on any of the servers here. If someone has a server that isn't firewalled, and wouldn't mind running this as a background script and losing a modicum of space then we'd have an archive. I have free webspace on Geocities, but I don't know how to write the CGI to update a file on it ( I'm just now learning CGI ). If anyone can help, just reply here or send me a /msg in the chatterbox.


Everyone has their demons....

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(jcwren) RE: A Chatterbox Archive
by jcwren (Prior) on Aug 24, 2000 at 18:52 UTC

    I think it excellent that you've taken the time to explore ZZamboni's module, and write some CGI to update the logs. But...

    It's my *personal* contention that it's not the place of the chatterbox to be logged. I think for your own personal purposes you should be able to do that. But as far as having a publically accessible archive, I don't think it's right.

    The chatterbox covers topics that are not always meant to be repeated. Many times the conversation in the chatterbox is pure drivel, and not worth repeating. Other times, it's extremely topical to a post that's just been made. And, yes, I know know that merlyn says how many people he's helped in via the chatterbox (in spite of bitching about the lack of ['s, ]'s, <'s and >'s...). But then, if the help is that high of quality, why not make a post out of it? And honestly, I don't see people browsing the chatterbox archive to look for solutions.

    I *really* do think it's excellent that you've learned how to do this. But I'm going to ask that you *please* don't... Not with any sort of authority (of which I have none), or as a spokeman for anyone but my self. Just *please* don't do this.

    I think that when thought through, you'll see the implications of how it can (and will) change the social structure of what the chatterbox will be used for. One person, in a /msg conversation, has mentioned that if the chatterbox is logged for public consumption, will cease to use it.

    Understand that I've had self-doubts about the stats software, after I "finished" it. It's some neat information, to be sure, but is it stuff people should know? Did it affect how people perceive their reputations, now that you can easily get a list of what your rep-to-writeups ration is? I've thought about taking that node down, but several people have asked me not to. But I'm still not sure I should have released it. The "joy" in releasing (what I perceived as) a cool piece of software clouded my judgement on whether I *should* have released it or not...


    e-mail jcwren
      If you were anyone else I would dismiss your comment, but you are in my List of Top Monks and hence that means your opinion is very worthwhile to me. I believe you are correct, and even though I was really enjoying working on it and loved the idea of finally making valuable contribution to, I do understand and respect your thoughts on it. Thus, the project has been halted. I would not like to alienate anyone from the chatterbox, and I hope those who felt they might be alienated would forgive my intrusion. I also believe you are right on the matter that some things don't need to be reprinted ( ex: Squabbles, Tiffs, Jokes, etc.) I also appreciate you posting your thoughts on it as opposed to either bad-mouthing me, voting me down without explination, or putting a snake in my mailbox. Thanks, Chris.

      Everyone has their demons....
RE: A Chatterbox Archive
by lindex (Friar) on Aug 25, 2000 at 03:14 UTC

    I dont think there should be a chatterbox archive, but as I was reading this node I had a peticular thought. A while back I found a page that was generated by a script for an irc client, this script had polled out a random quote from everyone who hung out in this one channel. I think maybe like "Random quotes from our monks" or something node would be cool :)

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