in reply to Short routines matter more in OO?

NO, shorter function/procedure/method matters, but shorter method in OO does not matter more than its counterparty in traditional non-OO coding.

Let's imagine that you are converting some OO code back to traditional non-OO style, is there a need or will you merge two or more methods into one function? No, that is absolutely not required.

Let's look at the opposite: if you are converting some non-OO code into OO method, will you split some functions? Yes, but that is not because we are moving to OO, but becasue that they should be splited in the first place, even in non-OO style. If today you ask people to redo them again in non-OO way, they will do it in a more proper way, as we are making progress everyday, not just because of OO.

OO is beautiful enough, and there is really no need to decorate it with extra praises (that does not belong to her;-)

This is what I think/do: Oh, by the way, welcome back! The first time I started to deal with this site, you were away, and there were stories about you went around. This time I come back, you are a real person (at least in the virtual world).