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Re: email parsing

by powerhouse (Friar)
on Oct 18, 2003 at 03:43 UTC ( [id://300230]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Re: Re: email parsing
in thread email parsing

I'm sorry. What I mean is that Cpanel is a web interface that gives just about complete control over the domain.

In the email manager, there is a forward feature, which bascially just allows you to enter a forwarding address for a chosen email address.

You can tell the form what email you want to forward from your domain name, and enter a forwarding address. You can also choose to pipe it to a script, by entering the pipe and path: |/path/to/ instead of an email address.

Either way, Cpanel, the software that manages the server, puts that entry into your /etc/valiases/domain file.
Such as this:
It adds a line such as this: |/home/path/to/
Whatever you enter into the form in your control panel(cpanel).

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Re: Re: email parsing
by vek (Prior) on Oct 18, 2003 at 04:28 UTC

    You could try piping an email to your script from the command line manually. If it works you can safely assume that your script is not the cause of the problem.

    cat some_email_file | /path-to/

    If that does work then you'll probably have to find out exactly what that Cpanel thingamajig is doing.

    -- vek --

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