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Hello Friends!

I'm looking to write my first GUI application with perl. I've read some, and researched some, and I'm still finding myself lacking a definitive answer for what I would like to do.

Here's the issue: I found this really cool thing called Glade, I'm sure some of you are familiar with it. It allows you to create GTK+ GUI code thru it. I also found this other cool tool, an IDE, called Anjuta. Its a graphical interface to Glade that reminds me of Visual Basic, allowing you to create C/C++ style GTK+ GUI code with drag and drop and click ease. Then, I found this IDE call Perl Developer, formerly called Visual Perl. Its just like Anjuta, except it creates Perl style GTK+ GUI code. The problem is, I'd love to use Perl Developer, but as far as I can see it was never completed and hasn't been worked on since 2000.

My question is does anyone know of an IDE similar to Perl Developer or Anjuta that can develop Perl GTK+ code? If not, could anyone point me to a good reference of using Glade2 to develop Perl style GTK code?

If not, this brings me to a new issue... I read alot about programming in Gnome/GTK+. It made it sound like Gnome was a wrapper that used GTK+ on a lower level, which would seem to make GUI development easier. Is it possible to develop Gnome/Perl code?

Finally, one more question, if I create a program using GTK+ or Gnome, would it even be usable in anything but Gnome?

Sorry guys and gals for making this so long... I'm just so inquisitive today!

Thanks for your help guys!!!!!