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Re: Advice on writing GUI's in Perl

by gmpassos (Priest)
on Oct 26, 2003 at 18:43 UTC ( #302241=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Advice on writing GUI's in Perl

See wxPerl, portable and powerful!

Graciliano M. P.
"Creativity is the expression of the liberty".

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Re: Re: Advice on writing GUI's in Perl
by SyN/AcK (Scribe) on Oct 26, 2003 at 19:15 UTC

    Oh man! You see, that's why I love this place. Just when I think that I've exhausted my options and that I'm not totally happy with my solutions, someone comes and tells me about something I've never even heard of and it looks like exactly what I want!

    I want to thank everyone again for their advice, especially for how quickly the advice came. I've got a lot to think about now, but I think its boiling down to either gtk+ or this wxPerl thing. I may however, start off writing it in Tk as someone suggested, since I do need to get it done rather quickly.

    I would be most appreciative if anyone could point me to additional resources on programming in gtk+ and wxPerl. I really like this wxPerl since its cross platform! Thanks guys!

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