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Re: Real live usage of inheritance?

by submersible_toaster (Chaplain)
on Nov 10, 2003 at 08:30 UTC ( #305828=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Real live usage of inheritance?

like in the wild? :)
The cars and animal routine never really helped me much either. I have observed inheritance in the wild, a media class inherited by specific mediaaccessors (nfs,ftp,smb,stonefs) - viola ~ an agent calling methods of media class cares not about it's genesis.

Abstract rate counters, have been spotted nesting with children who delight in measuring and playing with a variety of data such as;

  • Time (x)MB over 100TX
  • Frames (h) (m) (s) (f) NTSC
  • Time (x)GB DLT write
  • GigaBytes (h)(m)(s) PAL @ 720x576x24

The children are shallow creatures , exhibiting a megre ammount of self.

package Counter::FramesHMSFNTSC; @ISA( Counter ); init( hours=>[], minutes=>[ hours=>60 ], seconds=>[ minutes=>60 ], frames=>[ seconds=>30], atomic=>'frames', );
Pretty gross perhaps, but very lazy since these are usually constant things.

I can't believe it's not psellchecked

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