For those of us using Mozilla Firebird, here's a searchbar interface to pm. Save this file under your FB directory as searchplugins\Perlmonks.src and restart your browser. Searching for nodes has never been easier! I also have a gif file of the site's favicon, but I can't upload it anywhere useful from where I am now; I'll post it later on. If you have a 16x16 gif you'd like to use in the meantime, save that as searchplugins\Perlmonks.gif and you'll get a delightful little picture next to the perlmonks entry.
# perlmonks plugin by boo_radley <search name="Perlmonks" description="Search Perlmonks " method="GET" action="" > <input name="node" user> <interpret browserResultType="result" charset = "UTF-8" > </search>