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How to Complain in a Positive and Constructive Manner

by jeffa (Bishop)
on Nov 17, 2003 at 21:10 UTC ( #307827=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Re: [OT] Complaints about Spidering Hacks book
in thread [OT] Complaints about Spidering Hacks book


Use the chatterbox and talk to folks before you post something like this again. Ask questions. "Where should i post a node about X?" I am sure that you have been told "DON'T DO IT MAN!!!" and you would not have been downvoted so harshly.


Do not disrespect this site in a post. First off, this site was designed for usability. I use it all the time just fine and see nothing "cute" about any of it. Secondly, you didn't build this site, nor are you a member of pmdev. In my mind, you really haven't even earned the right to complain about this site yet ... but thankfully vroom runs this site and not me. ;)


Don't complain to us in a Meditation! Complete and post that review! I am sorry that you don't like the book, but why didn't you just wait until you completed your review and discuss this there. A good review needs pros and cons, this would be so much more appropriate there.


Do not title your post the name of a book, module, etc. You are level 4. You should know by now how the search mechanism works at this site. You should include the name of the book or module, but you should also include text that describes how the book or module relates to your post. The name by itself should be reserved for a Review or possibly even a Tutorial.


Don't let this get you down. We still love you. :)

I do hope that you complete your review and post it accordingly. Your gripes are very valid, it's just the way in which you present them that could have been less negative and more constructive.


(the triplet paradiddle with high-hat)
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Re: How to Complain in a Positive and Constructive Manner
by Wassercrats on Nov 19, 2003 at 13:56 UTC
    I could understand if you think my post belongs in the Reviews section, but Perl Monks should welcome that type of post, somewhere, without it being a more complete book review. Someone might be thinking of buying Spidering Hacks at the end of 2004, thinking it might have just come out, which would increase the chances of the hacks still working and of there being no more recent book out there. If the copyright notice was consistent with copyright law, O'Reilly would make fewer sales. I want to expose the fraudulent business practices of O'Reilly as well as help consumers. You say that my gripes are very valid at the same time you tell me you want even more before I post them. Can't you just be satisfied that valid gripes regarding a Perl book are being expressed without requiring more?

    Your gripes are very valid, it's just the way in which you present them that could have been less negative and more constructive
    The first post in this thread was about as positive as such a gripe could be. Want explicit constructiveness? Ok...O'Reilly should follow copyright law, place the link to the code in a more obvious place, such as within the chapters for which there is online code available, and all code in the book should be made available online or on CD for those who've bought the book (which chromatic was nice enough to assist with).

    :) <--- proof of politeness
    Hummmmm <--- proof of meditation

    I straightened my tie too.

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