Probably not many of you develope desktop applications - but I hope this general idea can be applied in other areas as well.

It is about providing context for collaboration. Imagine editing a document with annotations from some of your colleague's, you'd like to discuss one of them. You find his number and call him. You talk about the document, he finaly gets a grasp what was it, but does not have it on his drive. You sent the document, he opens it, you direct him to the page and paragraph and finally he has all the information to talk about his annotation. This is whole lot of steps involved. Now imagine the editor was integrated with some Instant Messaging client. The annotation would be signed with your collegue IM address. You click the address and you connect to your colleague. He sees your invitation, accepts it and the document is automatically transfered to his computer and opened with cursor set in the same place as in your copy. Isn't this more user friendly?

The scenario was taken from: Collaboration in Context

I have some vague thought that this could be done with wiki and the mozilla IM client.

Update: I spoiled this. This should be about editing code.

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