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Hmmm....I have never hit any problems in this regard. My understanding is that DLLs will never need to be "registered" unless they do OLE-ish kinds of things. My guess is that I have never needed to use any OLE-ish perl DLLs on Win32. I copy perl installations around to different Win32 hosts quite frequently and run reloc_perl and its been all smooth sailing. Are you just guessing that various modules will fail or can you cite examples? I would be interested to know what you have found necessary to avoid.


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by CountZero (Bishop) on Nov 21, 2003 at 17:22 UTC
    A good point you have here.

    As long as all the DLL's are in the perl-tree and are "dynaloaded" it will work, but I can imagine that some modules might put the DLL's elsewhere and then simply copying the perl-tree will not work.

    I was thinking of things like expat or sablotron which use their own dll's in their own folders and with which I had no end of trouble getting them to run after I upgraded my perl-installation.


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