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Re: browser cancels request-> forked procs die?

by etcshadow (Priest)
on Nov 26, 2003 at 16:35 UTC ( #310303=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to browser cancels request-> forked procs die?

Here's a link to some info for you, make what you will of it:

Combine that with, for example IPC::Run, and a pumping subprocess, so that you can kill the subprocess if you detect the socket close.

I would, however, caution you, in general, on going down this path, because proxy servers will break this. You may not have a proxy server in place now, but you may want to add one later. Also, the client may be behind a proxy, themselves, and you've got no control over that.

Not an editor command: Wq

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Re: Re: browser cancels request-> forked procs die?
by jorg (Friar) on Nov 26, 2003 at 21:33 UTC
    owkay, this might be a possibility then because i control the the users of this app more or less. I haven't used IPC::Run yet so i don't know what you mean by a pumping subprocess, i'll have a look into this tnx.


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