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Re: An Experiment: J2EE is too complicated - why not Perl?

by perrin (Chancellor)
on Dec 10, 2003 at 22:45 UTC ( #313907=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to An Experiment: J2EE is too complicated - why not Perl?
in thread J2EE is too complicated - why not Perl?

Are you aware of how little standardization in coding actually exists in J2EE? When I was writing Java code at a recent job, I had to work on some other people's code that was just horrendous. The Sun coding guidelines really just scratch the surface, and most people don't even follow those unless you make them. Things like exception handling, use of recent language additions, choice of libraries, etc. make it fairly difficult for Java programmers to just share code without lots of talking and agreement on standards. Perl certainly allows a much wider range (e.g. beginners can write ugly code with globals and no warnings), but within a group of experienced coders with good style and agreed standards it is no harder to share Perl code than it is to share Java.
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Re: Re: An Experiment: J2EE is too complicated - why not Perl?
by coreolyn (Parson) on Dec 11, 2003 at 17:21 UTC

    I don't dispute this at all, and am at ground zero of the mess. My point is that with Perl the management hasn't invested in the success of Perl as they have in Java, and this lies at the root of the problem. The wider range of standardization between programmers is the quick way that management can right off giving Perl the opportunity to prove itself.

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