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Using B (probably with some backend such as B::Terse, I can't imagine you want the bare B module) would only be a security issue if you want to highlight code submitted to your site by anyone, and that's not because of B itself so much as because using B requires Perl to have compiled the code, which is inseparably connected with the possibly of having code run at compile-time.

That's exactly the problem I'm worried about. The site is open ended and allows text to be uploaded. I mentioned B since I saw that it appeared to have some C specific routines that might be utilized for what I want. I toyed with that idea for all of 40 seconds when I realized that B is ultimately designed to compile C and that someone might be able to invoke the compiler through some bug somewhere I wasn't aware of. A risk I didn't want to take.

About Text::VimColor. I looked over the documentation for Text::VimColor and I don't think this is a viable alternative for my needs. The wya I figure it, I suppose I could get away caching the output (I already have stubbed code for exactly that sort of thing), but am I correct in understanding that this module utilizes Vim?

Is it fair to stick a link to my site here?

Thanks for you patience.