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Re: Understanding Regular Expressions

by xenchu (Friar)
on Dec 26, 2003 at 19:05 UTC ( #317114=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Understanding Regular Expressions

I can't be of too much help but I will point one thing out. ASP is not HTML and you will need to research the regular expressions needed. The regexps used for HTML will not work for ASP. If you have specific question about a regexp I am sure the perl monks will be happy to work with you. But I don't think anyone will want to write your documentation for you.

Also, I suggest you look at perlretut and perlrequick to set up your documentation. If you get your documentation from someone else you won't understand how to do it and you won't further your understanding of regular expressions either.


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Re: Re: Understanding Regular Expressions
by Anonymous Monk on Dec 27, 2003 at 01:34 UTC

    Yeah you are quite right ASP is not html but here I mean to the actual resultant output of this link "" which is a html page.

Re: Re: Understanding Regular Expressions
by BUU (Prior) on Dec 26, 2003 at 20:09 UTC
    ASP is not HTML and
    True, but the page he links to *is* html.

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