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Fellow Monks,

I have the following test script

#!/perl -w use strict; use Win32::Setupsup; my @windows; Win32::Setupsup::EnumWindows(\@windows); foreach(@windows) { my @proptoget = qw(focused pid); my %windowprop; Win32::Setupsup::GetWindowProperties($_,@proptoget,\%windowprop); foreach my $key (keys(%windowprop)) { print $key."-".$windowprop{$key}."\n"; } }
that should grab all the windows and grab the values of the focused and pid property. However when I run the script I get the following usage error: Usage: Win32::Setupsup::GetWindowProperties($window, @proptoget, \%windowprop) I do have a valid window reference because printing $_ gives me the handle. focused and pid are valid properties. I am passing the empty hash by reference. What am I missing?

Thanks a TON in advance...