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Good hello. I used to be involved in the Chicago Perl Mongers group about 7 or 8 years ago, but had to give that up due to work constraints. I'm still programming the Perl on a regular basis, and am currently working on an open source project based on the work I've been doing for the collaborative art Website An Exquisite Corpse, a site which I highly recommend. I'm also doing occasional Movable Type hacking for Gapers Block, another site which I highly recommend (if you're a Chicago resident).

Sometimes I feel bad that I'm not giving back to the Perl community like I used to Back In The Day™, but I think there are more than enough talented Perl hackers out there that it doesn't really matter. I still check into PM on occasion, do some voting, and then blow away on the winds. . . .

Update: I've recently discovered the journal capabilities of, and so I'll post some infrequent updates on the Exquisite Corpse project there. Check it out, if you dare: